Professional cliff DIVING and tourist cliff jumping. Unfortunately both are equally as dangerous and unfortunately most tourists are unaware of the injuries and deaths at Rick's Cafe in Negril Jamaica. Tourists are invited to jump the cliff as if it's a fun little activity during their visit and tourists DO think their is a difference between jumping a small cliff and professional diving.


Hundreds more stories/comments to be posted soon.

R.I.P Taylor Rankin - 2014/05/27

May 30, 2014
: thank you everyone for sharing your information concerning Taylor Rankin. I know getting the truth straight is important. I'll do my best to keep up with your messages and post as many as possible.

May 28, 2008

"Hi Patricia, I am so sorry to hear of your injuries at Ricks cafe.  My Partner and I were there recently and saw a girl jump and land on her back.  I actually got a short video of her jump and some photos of her badly bruised legs afterwards.  She didn't seem to have any help afterwards by "lifeguards" or anyone else.  We went there to see the sunset, but after seeing this we asked our driver to take us back to our resort. 
A few days later we did hear the girl was in hospital with internal bleeding (I don't know if that's true).
I totally support your site and hope if people are still going to jump that there will be much more safety procedures as you suggest.
Wishing you all the best in your recovery".


UPDATE: I have received hundreds of emails, many of them are stories of other injuries. Recovery is long and painful 24/7. Thanks for all the emails of support and sharing your stories with me. I will post them soon.

INJURY: March 26, 2008 - Ian suffered whiplash and warns to avoid the jump. Click here to read story.

INJURY: Sept. 13, 2007 - Gretchen M. DeLue suffered severe bruising from jumping at Rick's Cafe. Click here to read her story and see photos of her injuries.

TRAGEDY: July 22, 2007 - Melissa Thibeault: my heart is with you and the memory of your father who passed away. Please read Melissa's story about her nightmare in Jamaica the day before her wedding, her experience at Rick's Cafe, and her disbelief that Rick's Cafe could not even offer a back board to carry her father up the cliffs. They had to use a piece of wood from a fence. Click here to read Melissa's warnings.

WARNING EMAIL TO TOURISTS recieved July 20, 2007 - Hello my name is Ben I just came back from jamaica the last Sunday 2007-07-15, I went to the Rick's Cafe after drinkin a couple of drinks I took the decision to jump the cliff. Everybody over there encourage me to jump and they told me There is No problem everything is irie in jamaica. I had the chance to be ok after the jump,but I regret what I have been done. I do not recommend to anybody to play with Life like I did. I recommand to Rick's cafe to stop the tourist To jump that cliff,I feel concerned about it. Thanks

June 7, 2007
More injuries :
The list keeps growing. See "
Other Injuries" section for and updated lists of more victims of Rick's Cafe

INJURY - MAY 31, 2007
Another Injury:
Lynne Smith from Illinois, US, broke her spine jumping at Rick's Cafe on April 2, 2007.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone for your personal emails of support and emails to the companies responsible for the safety of future tourists at Rick's Cafe Negril.



1) I would like them to train their lifeguards in proper CPR techniques

2) I want Rick's Cafe to purchase basic medical equipment such as a back board and neck brace.

3) I want Rick's Cafe to vocally warn innocent tourists about the risk of spinal cord injury, sternum breakage, paralysation, burst eardrums and vaginas, skeletal dislocations, severe bruising, eye jelly detachment, ligament damage, post-traumatic-stress, neurological damage, and death.

Perhaps Rick's cafe should consider their location to be an extreme sports location. Perhaps they should forbid tourists from jumping altogether and allow them to simply watch. Maybe all the risks should be put on paper and the tourists should sign a release form.


****Send an email to Rick's Cafe, responsible for allowing unknowing tourists to jump their cliffs and suffer life altering injuries AND for allowing tourists to plunge to their deaths AND for not even having a back board or training in basic first aid :

Wow this activity looks fun you think! Check out this video as it really doesn't look high the cliff and it's only 2 seconds to landing. How can you die from hitting the water, how is this possibly you think? Well it's extremely dangerous.

Taylor Rankin

died this past Tuesday, May 27, 2014




Taylor Rankin, 26, died Tuesday from injuries that occurred while he was with a group of friends jumping off seaside cliffs in the beach town of Negril.

JUNE 3, 2014

Thank you Laura for sharing your information. People really appreciate being able to read unedited information from direct sources. I'm personally overwhelmed and saddened reading your story.

Laura Stewart

"Taylor backed up on the platform and ran 3-4 steps to make his dive.  He did a forward flip.  He did not belly flop.  He really just went slightly past vertical and was bent like he was sitting in a chair on his entry".


MAY 30, 2014

Tara-Leigh Tarantola

"Our boat was at the site five minute before he jumped. He DID NOT miscalculate and hit the rocks. He did not hit any rocks. He tried to do a flip and belly-flopped… while snapping his neck back".



BY: Dr. Luke Haslam, DDS
May. 28, 2014

Source :

I was unfortunately an eyewitness to this tragedy and would like to provide you with some more accurate details of the event. My wife and I were members of a scenic ocean tour to Ricks Cafe in Negril and arrived at the cliff side before 4pm. Our group began the swim from the boat to the cliff side where a ladder, then staircase provide access up the cliff to the cafe. This is a hotspot to view the locals dive from the cliffs for tips. Many tourists jump as we'll and are warned to do so at their own risk. I was in the water about 50 yards from this young man when he jumped from the upper diving level. He attempted a double back flip and landed directly in the water with a belly flop; there was no impact with rocks at any point. When he surfaced, he slowly swam for a period of about 30 sec before he rolled onto his back and started to float. There were about half a dozen locals and tourists within arms reach of him at this point and he was quickly brought to the ladder where he was lifted out of the water and laid on the rocks. No attempts were made by anyone to assess he condition or provide spinal support before this lift because rescue and medical staff are nonexistent. The scene was very chaotic and crowded. I could not see nor hear what rescue services were being provided because I was in the water and unable to get close to the ladder to get ashore for about ten minutes. One of the tour staff from the vessel I was on retrieved a spine board from our boat and brought it to the cliff side by way of a smaller tour boat that could get close to the rocks. The many tourists still floating in the water made way for the boat to gain quick access to the injured man. After he was moved to the board, he was lifted up a set of stairs to a larger area about halfway up the cliffs. At this point I was able to make my way to the ladder and climb out of the water. I made my way through the crowd so I could make sure there was an experienced person assessing his condition. There were two nurses from the USA providing CPR. A box for an AED was brought to the injured man, but it only contained an o2 mask with an empty bottle. The nurses, tourists and family members had already asked for emergency services to be called, but they were told that none existed. The young man was cyanotic with no pulp response. He was showing signs of tetany suggestive of a cranial injury. Over and over again, emergency transportation to a hospital was requested with none provided. After about 45min of unsuccessful CPR, he was carried to the top of the cliff and transported to the hospital by tour shuttle bus. The local hospital is about 90min from this location. This was a tragic accident in a location that was entirely unprepared for emergency services. Many locals were moving the experienced emergency providers away with comments like, he is okay, he's just drunk....he is in gods hands, let god help him breath... I even heard someone say don't talk about this at your resort because this happens all the time and we still want people to come here! Once he was taken away, the music and cliff diving resumed without hesitation.

jamaica photos

Rick's Cafe Negril Jamaica, Rick's Cafe Jamaica, Rick's Cafe, Rick's Cafe Jamaica Cliff Height

In August 2006 I visited Rick's Cafe Negril, Jamaica after being sold THE NEGRIL SUNSET TOUR. To my surprise their were locals diving from trees and off the 33 foot cliff into the water. The 'lifeguards' from Rick's cafe Negril told tourists to jump in the water and give them a tip. At Ricks Cafe, there is no indication that tourists regularly suffer broken spines, sternums, bruises, and even death. I jumped not realizing that the impact of the water from a short height would crush my body. I broke my spine and sternum. I displaced my diaphragm and bruised my thigh. I thought I might drown had I not found the mental strength to surface from the water. No responsible person from Rick's Cafe Negril came to help except some "lifeguards" whom endangered my life more then anything. It seems clear that none of them had previously received the proper training from Rick's Cafe. I'm grateful to be alive and to not be paralyzed from the waist down.

I recently was diagnosed with Posterior Vitreous Detachment. I now see a black spot in my left eye. The jelly in my eye is lose "due to a major impact". Further more, I have to start a new medication treatment to help the severe migraines I have suffered daily since my accident. The medication should calm the brain activity that is contributing to my post-traumatic-stress. And finally I have to start taking new sleeping pills simply because I can no longer fall asleep at night!

In 'Other Injuries' section you will find links to other victims including Lynne who broke her spine jumping at Rick's Cafe Negril Jamaica on April 2nd, 2007. I hope to soon have more information on the local Jamaican boy who died diving at Rick's Cafe Negril a few years ago.

Please, read my story about my day at the most dangerous bar in the world and certainly in Negril, Jamaica.



A woman who was in Jamaica for a wedding in MoBay last week was yet another a victim of the cliff jumping.  This lady should not have jumped for many reasons,  but she, like many others including myself, was not aware of the nature or extent of the risks involved.  The circus atmosphere propels people into thinking they can jump and to want to show to their friends that they are daring enough to do it.  In hindsight, those who jump are really foolish. The lady, who was injured on Monday during the sunset, is a doctor who had a hip replacement less than a year before.  She went in the water in a seated position and as a result she fractured her spine. She and the rest of her friends had no idea that there had been so many injuries at Ricks. If she had known about them, chances are she would not have jumped herself.  But watching others jump over and over makes it seem so easy and carefree.


I am so sorry to hear about your injuries. In my opinion only experienced divers should take on that cliff. I was a very good diver as a kid and placed in the top three in state competition. On my honeymoon I did a reverse sommersult (gainer) with no problems at all. But, I am very experienced with how to manipulate my body from takeoff to landing. Why inexperienced people jump from that height is beyond me. I was told it is 40 feet, not 33 feet. By the way I was 50 when I went off and like I said, on my honeymoon.(2004) My wife tried to film it with our digital camera. She messed it up and only had me just before I took off and then coming up out of the water. When she suggested to me to do it again, I told her, "no way" I tempted fate once, I was not doing it again. I had not dove for 15-20 years. Kind of like riding a bike,you remember how.The thing is I know how to prepare my mind, doing rehearsals in my mind over and over, I just don`t walk up there and "go" like an amateur will do. I would imagine many jumpers drink to get the courage to jump, and that just makes their control, or lack of it, worse. Common sense tells one they are going to hit the water very hard, and if they are not in a good position to enter the water, it is ,at least, going to smack, or, as you know, get hurt worse.

I agree with your site, people should be warned. For me it was a thrilling experience, but I went over it in my mind many many times, as a diver knows how to do. I did this even at home before we left Ohio.

Keep the warnings going,


Jamaica Vacations | Jamaica Negril | Jamaica News| CLIFF DIVING

Hi, my name is Katy and for my summer vacation (7-4-09 to 7-11-09) with my dad and sister this year we decided to go to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Since I was in another country that seemed to have a lot of adventurous things to do so I wanted to try everything. When I went ziplining i thought that i would be scared since I was up 800ft in the air, but it felt so safe and easy. However, when I went Cliff diving i was so injured that I was scared to ever try it again. When I went up to the Lifegaurd I asked wat to do, all he did was point to the warning sign and said  "Jump straight, feet first" so i simply walked off the edge as he counted. Since I am only 14years old and 5feet tall I take really small steps so the second I took a step off and looked down as i was falling it looked like my step was so small I was wayyy to close to the edge and as i was falling I had a panic attack on the way down. I forgot the instrustions I was told because of how freaked out I was and I landed butt first. READ MORE

Negril Vacation | Jamaica Negril RESTAURANTS | Dangers in Jamaica

Hello, My name is glenn.  I was in jamaica about 1 year ago and at ricks cafe.  Everyone was jumping so I also decided (against my gut instinct) to jump also.  I agree the the life guards are poorly trained. I jumped and started to freak out towards then end b/c it was a lot farther down than I thought. Thank goodness, I was not hurt badly.  But I kid you not, my ass was seriously bruised BLACK for 2 solid weeks. It hurt so bad I couldn't even sit in a chair. Long story short, I completely understand what you are talking about  Good for you for speaking up.  Hopefully they will make more people aware of how dangerous it is to jump from such a height. I hope you have a speedy recovery, Regards,.


Jamaica Vacations | Jamaica Negril | Jamaica News| CLIFF DIVING

Patricia, I was viewing some diving on YouTube and saw a girl enter the water bent at the waist. My first thought was that she could have been really hurt do to my own experience at Ricks.  I read some posts and saw you had a website detailing your injuries and others.  I had know idea.  My apologies for having to go through such a horrendous ordeal and I hope your doing better. My experience at Rick's wasn't bad but could have been much worse.  I took the jump and thought I entered the water perfectly straight but apparently was slightly bent at the waist. When I hit the water the impact was hard.  I severely bruised my butt and the bottoms of both my feet. The reason for the hard impact must be the high salinity level of the Caribbean Sea.  I've done many similar cliff jumps in quarries and have never had a problem. I'm going back to JA next week and am having reservations about jumping again.  Thanks for the information.

Jordan Beacher

Jamaica Vacation | Jamaica Negril | Jamaica News| CLIFF DIVING Jamaica

Thanks for sharing your story. Its awful to hear about your misfortune. I hope you're finally healing. I lived in Jamaica in the mid 80s, and never visited Rick's. I did some cliff diving near Port Antonio, which is on the other end of the island. I had heard then of deaths at Rick's. Cliff diving is serious sport. The cliff at Rick's is the same height as an olympic platform (10m). Anywhere in the US, and I presume in Canada as well, one cannot simply walk into an olympic aquatic center and dive off the towers. First you learn to dive from the lower platforms, gaining skill before you're allowed to mount the highest tower. And they sure as hell don't let you do it under the influence of alcohol.

A friend of mine trained with the US diving team when he was 12. He saw a diver split his chest open from 10m, and decided right then and there to be a runner instead. I would hate to see Rick's closed to diving.  I still dream of going back to dive there. But you are absolutely right— they are reckless to allow just anyone to jump. If you didn't know how dangerous it was, they were responsible to tell you. They should not only have real lifeguards, but also paramedics on staff, and an ambulance parked on site. They should have not one but several backboards. And their warning signs should all have a picture of you on them. 
They could put your pic on the waiver form, too. Every time I do an open water swim (such as Alcatraz to San Francisco), I have to sign a waiver that says I know that open water swimming is dangerous, and can result in death. Why doesn't Rick's have to do this? As you have probably learned by now, Jamaican laws don't require them to. And they don't have to out of fear of litigation, either.  Unless you've brought  change to the Third World since your last post.
How's it going?



Thank you for your website! I did not read it before I went to Rick's. I only had one drink in my system. I jumped, closed my eyes (which is not a good idea) and landed in the water indian style. Luck for me I only have serve bruising on my thieghs and butt. After 7 days most the buising has subsided and I am getting back to normal. Like others we had a whole group jump and none of them got hurt. I thought I would be ok. I am glad that it was not serious. I am also glad that my mother is a nurse and I knew how to care for my injuries. I started care an hour after landing in the water. DON'T JUMP just watch the divers and have a good time drinking at the bar.


I just got back from Jamaica yesterday and am trying to decide if I should visit the hospital. I jumped from the highest cliff and landed sitting down and when I hit my upper body curved over in a way that now my sternum is hurting. It still hurts today and I jumped a week ago. It hurts anytime I use a chest muscle including sneezing, laughing and coughing.


The girls next door jumped from a lower level. They jumped from @ 15 feet. The high level is @ 40 feet, and you better know what you are doing if you go off that cliff. I was a competitive diver when I was younger and no problem what so ever, I actually did a gainer. I also saw a local man and his 5 year old go off the highest part @ 40 feet. I think you would have no problems going off the lower levels. When I did the gainer off 40 ft cliff I was on my honeymoon and was 50 years old. I had not dove in 15 years. I loved it, but I can see someone with out experience could get hurt.


I recently got back from a trip to Jamaica where I visited Ricks Cafe. I too was one of those temporarily insane people who thought it would be cool to jump off of a 35 foot cliff. Some other members of my group jumped and came up just fine, so I threw off my shoes and decided to jump before I changed my mind. It was the scariest and most painful experience. Being too scared to keep my eyes open, I began to move my legs instead of keeping them straight and hit the water with my rear. It felt like i had been hit by a truck and literally knocked the air out of me. The bruises were so severe that I was embarrassed to wear my swimsuit without a cover up for the rest of my trip. At least after a few days, it didn't hurt to sit down!! Thank goodness i didn't tip the idiots that let me do this!!


I've been to Jamaica 1997 and 2006, and only went to Rick's Cafe on the 2006 trip. I did not witness any injuries, but figured there had to have been some there. Just watching the locals, doing the stunts in the tree over the cliff before the jump, i'm sure there have been mishaps and even deaths. I was amazed at all the tourist who were waiting in line to jump. But I noticed it seemed the 'jump' guide would tell them the exact moment to jump, based on the trend of the water. I don't know if this was offered when you did your jump...not that it was any assurance. I hope things go well in your healing process. I am a nurse, and I feel your pain and the road ahead for you. It's great you are passing things on. But, they should have people file a waver. Just like when you purchase a ticket to the amusement park, the disclaimer is on the ticket to a certain extent, unless you can prove equipment malfunction. Good luck. keep us posted.


I traveled on a girl's trip around 2000. None of the other girls would jump, so I foolishly jumped from the top. What a mistake! Although I thought I was completely straight apparently not. I finished the rest of my vacation with a bruise from my shoulders to my calves. Couldn't even really sit down the first day. DON'T DO IT! I hope you are feeling better and think it is great you are trying to prevent others from sharing your negative experience :-)

Danielle Lowe

I was at Ricks cafe a couple weeks ago, and watched some tourist jump from the cliff. After reading your story, i now know that a few of them must have been in severe pain after the jump. One lady landed very hard on her back and legs, and could hardly walk when she came out, and no one checked her to see if she was OK...all you heard was the constant shout of the divers for more money. Though it was neat to see the professional divers, do NOT jump yourself!!!!!!!!! it is more dangerous than it appears.


Thank you very much for sharing your experience. We are headed to Negril in May and were told about this lovely place. My boyfriend is quite the daredevil, if we hadn't read this there is no doubt he would've jumped. Everything happens for a reason, glad we saw this thanks again!


I just got back yesterday from Jamaica and also jumped at Rick's Cafe not understanding the risks or knowing how I was suppose to land in the water. I landed in a sitting position and have a broken vertabrae in my back, a badly bruised tailbone and horrific bruises on my legs and bottom. I may have a second broken vertebrae which I will have to get more x-rays in two weeks.


We at Jamaica Writings want all visitors to enjoy Jamaica safely and so support your cause.

I dove of this cliff back in 1985. I had a lot of experience diving off cliffs and also I was a lifeguard and diving coach. If you don't have experience diving or jumping off cliffs don't do it. It's a sure way to injure yourself.

Michael Keim

My friend arrived home here in Asheville, NC last night after spending the previous 5 nights in a Jamaican hospital. She is presently in the process of finding out the extent of her back injury, incurred last week (Nov. 14) when jumping off the famous cliff at Rick's. One vertibrae is crushed, and we're still waiting for the neurologists' diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. She and her husband are at the hospital here at home as I write this. How can this place still exist, and furthermore have the audacity to entice tourists to come experience this wonderful place?


I went to ricks café a few years ago and was amazed to see the American parents telling their kids to jump off the highest rocks. The children where almost bullied into doing it and were made out to be a coward if they didn’t do it . They where all hooping and shouting “ooooollllllllllllright” as another kid bounced off the water. These were dim Americans and may well be out of mental help but I agree the practice must stop and Ricks take some responsibility for the jumping. I do hope you get better soon . I will email ricks to as I am going again December.

Paul Pascon

i support yourr site.

Kelly Graham

I went on a boat ride that stoped at the cliff. They told us it would cost $2 to jump as many times as we wanted. I swam from the boat to the stairs. Climbed up, paid the money but looked down and didn't jump. It looked down it was to unsafe. I was in the Marines jumped out of and off of many things. This just wasn't going to be one of them. I let them keep the $2 went down the stairs and swam back to the boat. Until I saw this sit I thought I should have done. Now I'm glad I didn't.

Ledell Griffin

Would you believe I jumped the cliff in 1983? Too much Tequila! As I was falling, my upper body started falling forward, so I threw my legs out, and I hit the water in a sitting position. I think I broke every blood vessel in my thighs and buttocks. I couldn't sit on the flight home. I've been to Rick's since, but I will never jump again. I do NOT recommend it! Just watch the experts.


My friend Billy with his wife just got home august 2008 he hurt his mouth and neck and back just dont jump.


You have my sympathies. That could have easily been my husband or I after our recent trip to Rick's. I ended up with only a severely bruised thigh and knew how lucky I was even before reading all these posts. It is so easy to slip off the cliff's edge or to twist while jumping, that injury is so likely. I remember regretting the jump even before hitting the water. My leg went numb on impact and the waves were crashing in my face making it difficult to stay above water. People continued to jump all around me and the fear of someone landing on me was overwhelming. It was difficult to find and climb the ladder. I can only imagine the pain and fear you experienced. I hope other daredevils like us think twice before jumping at Rick's. And for the record...skydiving was even less painful!



Don't get injured at Rick's Cafe Negril Jamaica

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Rick's Cafe Jamaica : how fast are you falling at rick's in jamacia

Send an email to Rick's Cafe, responsible for allowing unknowing tourists to jump their cliffs and possibly suffer life altering injuries:

Rick's Cafe, Negril, Jamaica, INJURIES: This site is dedicated to supporting past and current injuries at Rick's Cafe's cliffs. Encourage the cafe to adopt safety measures and medical equipment.

July 2007 - I have received a few emails now from people who have had a negative experience at Rick's Cafe, Negril, Jamaica.

I received an email from a woman who is going to Jamaica next year and on her own refuses to jump and to warn the other tourists of the dangers.

Another email came from a man who took the jump and although was not hurt, does not recommend that others jump.

Unfortunately I have received 3-4 emails from "Anonymous" who accuse me of probably drinking and jumping which is not the case, I did not drink. And of course the very 'wise' explanation that I'm simply crazy, careless, etc. What about the tourists who do drink? Does Rick's Cafe make sure that these tourists are not intoxicated before jumping???

One email dares to compare the Rick's Cafe jump to sky diving and bungee jumping. I would not sky dive or bungee jump, it's way too scary for me. In countries like Canada, we would have to sign a conscent form acknowledging the risks of bungee jumping or any other extreme sport. Maybe Rick's should put up a sign claiming to be an extreme sports location. I must really be stupid to have done an extreme sport without even knowing it. That cliff is not high enough to even look scary. Parents let their kids jump. But the reality is that the water below can crush your body. This is not a risk I ever ever associated to jumping in water. The point is that these injuries happen to many people. The point is obvious that people need to be told the risks. RICK'S CAFE SHOULD NOT ASSUME WE KNOW THAT WE MIGHT BREAK OUR SPINES.

The cliff at Rick's Cafe is an Illusion of simple fun. Despite a sign of "experieced divers/swimmers", I don't think this warns people in any way that can die, be paralyzed, not be handled with proper medical equppment, and not get any help from anyone not even the staff who go on with their jobs and the divers that keep diving. ONCE AGAIN, I FOR ONE DIDN'T EVEN SEE THIS SIGN, I DIDN'T DRINK, I DIDN'T DIVE I JUMPED, I DID LAND CORRECTLY VERTICALLY, AND I CAN SWIM. NO, I DID NOT KNOW THAT JUMPING AT RICK'S CAFE WOULD CRUSH MY BODY. APPARENTLY I'M STUPID FOR NOT KNOWING THIS, WELL I GUESS THEY ARE A LOT OF RICK'S CAFE TOURISTS THAT ARE STUPID. MAYBE RICK'S CAFE SHOULD STOP TOURIST JUMPING ALL TOGETHER OR GET A SPINE BOARD TO CARRY THE VICTIMS BACK UP TO THE TOP. NOW THAT ISN'T SUCH A STUPID IDEA.


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